Petrochemical Services

Since its inception Duane Houkom, Inc. has been recognized as a world-class leader of explosive applications in the petrochemical industry.  DHI was founded with the commitment to provide the safest and most cost effective solutions to the industry’s most difficult cleaning and environmental challenges. 

DHI utilizes controlled explosive techniques to aid in the removal of fused or cemented materials from reactors, vessels, storage tanks and production lines.  Spent catalysts, coke, polymers, refractory and slag are primary examples of the types of materials which can be safely reduced to rubble and removed with a minimum of down time and with less exposure to employees (or workers) from chemical and confined space hazards.

The DHI Petrochemical division provides services to a diversified group of companies across the world and maintains Master Service agreements with almost every major oil company.  Safety is our #1 mission on every job site.  Site specific procedures are developed prior to each project to identify all inherent hazards and to establish engineering safeguards to ensure worker and owner property safety. Combustible atmospheres are prevalent in most refining processes. Working under inert atmosphere eliminates the possibility of secondary explosion or fire, whether it’s from a spark producing tool, static electricity, an open flame or blasting with explosives.

DHI routinely utilizes controlled explosives to remove spent catalyst from Polygasoline/Higher Olefin and Cumene Units.  Multi-bed chamber reactors can be unloaded which eliminates the hazards and environmental concerns associated with utilizing water, steam or rapid depressurization methods. 

Our emphasis on safety parallels our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards. Let us bring our knowledge and expertise to your project today.